Valorant Live | Rank Radiant Again | Organising a tournament Soon!!!

Valorant Live | Rank Radiant Again | Organising a tournament Soon!!!

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I barely earn anything from youtube views, I don’t even want it (donations are different). I don’t want fame I strive for exposure. I am not really an entertainer, I am a gamer and my gameplay is enough to keep my viewers engaged and entertained.

I go live to play games I like while interacting with my youtube family. I might miss some chats when I am super engaged in the game.My aim here is not to grow very quickly, but to build my own community. I appreciate it if you talk about anything, current affairs , your opinion and perspectives regarding life etc. The number of viewers don’t mean anything to me until you guys come over and talk to me.
Sharing is very important , it does not have to be your own story/situation.
For starters, I have some issues with my attitude and mood swings which I have tried too get over but I always end up bad. Try opening up, it feels good.
( And and and I have shitty pronunciation so please excuse me for that )

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– Manan Arora ( Age 21 )
– Faridabad
– College Student ( BA- Journalism & Mass Communication Third Year )
– 10m Air Rifle Shooter ( National Level )

► Gaming PC :
– Processor- AMD Ryzen 3700x
– Graphic Card- Founder Edition RTX 2060 -6GB
– RAM-16 GB Ram (3200mhz)
– Mother Board- MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

– Webcam-
– Nokaxus Gaming Chair –

– Monitor-
– Secondary Monitor-
– Mouse-
– Keyboard-

– Headphones-
– Mic-
– Audio Interface-

► Streaming PC :
– Processor- AMD Ryzen 3600
– Graphic Card- 1660ti
– RAM-16 GB Ram (3200mhz)
– Mother Board- MSI B450m
– Capture Card-
– Monitor-

If you are the owner of any content that has been uploaded on this channel and you want it removed, please contact and I will resolve the issue immediately.

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