MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2020 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games)

MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2020 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games)

New Year New List – of strategy games to look forward to in 2020, that is. This upcoming year is full of a ridiculous amount of good looking games. From RTS to Turn based to 4x and more, here are my most anticipated strategy games of 2020. Got any games in mind that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

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00:59 – Rising Lords
02:34 – Gears Tactics
04:13 – Desperados 3
06:25 – Wasteland 3
08:12 – Empire of Sin
10:44 – Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars
12:12 – Iron Harvest
13:51 – Songs of Conquest
15:31 – Humankind
18:10 – Secret Government
20:00 – Port Royale 4
20:58 – Total War Saga: Troy
23:26 – Starship Troopers – Terran Command
25:18 – Stronghold Warlords
26:36 – Crusader Kings 3
29:04 – King’s Bounty 2
30:23 – Knights of Honor 2 – Sovereign
31:53 – Darkest Dungeon 2
33:19 – Age of Empires 4
35:05 – Phantom Brigade

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35 thoughts on “MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2020 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games)

  1. The time has come, ladies and gentlemen, to look to the future with 2020 vision! We kick things off with this list of strategy games, and you can see city builder and sim games here – . Any of the games in this list pique your interest? Have any you'd recommend I add to my list? Let me know down below! I can't wait to see how these games end up on release – some real gems slated for this year! Enjoy!

  2. I really really really wish game developers would stop trying to simplify RTS games. Some people want games are aren't cake walks. Complexity isn't a bad thing and it makes games funner for people like myself.

  3. Hoi4 game is easily one of the best games ever! I never had so much fun and spent many hours on this game although some mechanics are hard at first it is still really fun because even though I know mostly how the game works I’m still learning new mechanics and cheats – things you can find all at Cheatland, They adding new things to make the game more challenging and fun!

  4. I’m still hoping for a new DUNE RTS, even a remaster would be sweet, I love the whole Dune Universe (love the books and movies) I really hope they do it since they’ve done C&C & Red Alert.🤞

  5. hey bro. im looking for a RTS game where its this bad ass woman piloting a mech suit. She has to defend different bases while building new thing with the resources available. any help qould be gnarly

  6. 7min 45 sec onwards seems to be very deceptive…these games can be a very strategic covert deceptive way of plotting & indicating clues, hints to conspire or do something unlawful. These perps are extremely smart when they plot or give deceitful hints or instructions.

  7. our team is working on our own Remake Warrior Kings RTS, if you can join our discord page and watch our video on my YouTube page for description. Were looking for modders, texture artists, programmers anyone who can help


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