CHEAPEST Automatic Seiko Should You Buy It in 2020? Seiko SNK809 Review

CHEAPEST Automatic Seiko Should You Buy It in 2020? Seiko SNK809 Review

Here is a quick review of Seiko SNK809. It’s the cheapest automatic Seiko watch and some people are saying that it’s the best watch under $100. Is it? Enjoy the review:)

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50 thoughts on “CHEAPEST Automatic Seiko Should You Buy It in 2020? Seiko SNK809 Review

  1. at just ~$55 USD when i first bought one, i actually decided to wear this watch while surfing – on several occasions… to my "surprise," absolutely no problems at all. no leaking, no fogging, no rushing, no dragging, no stopping… not recommending anyone to do this, or even more exposure than the recommended "splash" use, just sharing my experience. they're great watches. 7s26 mvmt. (same as my SKX-173) is super accurate. I've now given away more SNKs, than i own. the SNK is really a solid, worthwhile timepiece in any collection.

  2. Just got the SNK809K2 two days ago, black, Hong Kong made, and a few NATO straps. I'm loving it. I've been wearing gshocks for years and now I'm finally feeling like I'm really starting a collection. As far as seikos will go for me, The SNA411 Flightmaster is next and the SKX007J1 will be right after that. Then a mini turtle (green of course) and I might also get a Seiko Landshark but not sure yet. I've also got my eyes on a Timex, a Marathon, a Junkers Bauhaus and a Zeppelin Jahre100… and another gshock lol, the 5000B bluetooth one. and a Daniel wellingt naaaah just kidding Lol, watches are a drug for me now.
    Nice video man, thanks.

  3. Seiko 5s are ridiculously priced in European region (as well as most casios), they are around 100 bucks and north, for that price they aren't worth it at all. For a 50 it'd be one of my favorites, especially being a small watch which are more stylish and elegant.
    Since I'm Russian for now I'll have to stick with amphibias for around 40 a pop or soviet vintage watches which are sold serviced for 20-40.

  4. Nice video. A shout out from Maple, ON, Canada! I call this timepiece my ' little jewel ' as it's reliable, durable and quite accurate. I'm also a fan of Vostok and have just acquired the Sturmanskie Gagarin retro with the 2609 17j mechanical wind movement. Keep up the good work and best wishes!

  5. Great video as usual, and interesting topic some years afterwards to compare it to all the new affordable watches that's around now (many with the updated Seiko NH35 movement). I bought this one not as a first automatic (I'm old enough to have a Timex automatic as first ever watch in the 70s as a kid, then it was all quartz). But it's one of the first automatics I bought in recent years since I finally gave in to my long curiosity about watches as a kinda hobby (knowing it would be an expensive rabbit hole, lol).

    On my thin wrist this size works great, and since the original strap actually started to get itchy quite fast, I put a bond zulu strap on it which also makes it wear slightly bigger. Sure, since the dial is flieger inspired it could have been a coupla mm more (but then you have that other Seiko 5 model, larger and somewhat similar).

    I have a couple other Seikos (including a SKX) with the 72s6 movement, so I'm quite used to the "Seiko shuffle" whenever I'll wear it. Still a great little watch, and it's sad that Seiko don't seem to introduce great new affordable 5 models anymore like this or the SNKL23, SNXS79 etc. IMHO that's one of their greatest feats in their history of horology.

  6. Let me counter the size complaint. There is no lack of 39 mm and up sized watches. More important, this is the PERFECT watch to give to your kid as a first auto, so the size (and price) is excellent for kids and can also be used all their life or the life of the watch anyway. thanks for the review.

  7. My first automatic watch was the yellow face Seiko Chronograph Pepsi watch. I bought it new in 1976 for $125. Which was a month's rent. 🙂 My latest automatic watch purchase is the Islander ISL-11.

  8. This watch was my first automatic (at $42)…thanks to TGV. I want you to imagine this watch on a burnt brown leather strap…it's like butter. I have a 6.25 in wrist, so it's pretty sweet for me. 7S26…not that great,but it fits with what it is.

  9. I bought mine in 2019 – my first automatic and the only one I can afford – works well for me (my other watch is my 40 year old gold Rotary and it is only 33mm – was a good / normal size of watch when bought for me in 1980)


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