10 Best OPEN WORLD GANGSTER Games of All Time

10 Best OPEN WORLD GANGSTER Games of All Time

Mafia and gangster games aren’t as common as you’d think, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ones throughout the past few gaming generations.
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41 thoughts on “10 Best OPEN WORLD GANGSTER Games of All Time

  1. mafia 3 it not gangstert game it just patetic try to be mafia game it wos the worst of mafia game and for all mafia game fans is consider leik wone be gta 5 mafia gameit jsut blashemy for all mafia fans

  2. Are there any mobster sims since these old ones? I like where I could recruit members from a changing pool with individual stats, assign a task to a unit/group based on its skill. Not getting your accountant gunned down because he hit a bank at noon on the second Friday of the month, or you get raided by the feds because your expert marksman is inking the books. Games just seem clunky anymore, like cheap pay to win phone aps with identical linear progression. What was the last good City management Sim?


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