Spirit Guard Udyr | Login Screen – League of Legends

Spirit Guard Udyr | Login Screen – League of Legends

Login screen for Spirit Guard Udyr.

Download his music theme:

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47 thoughts on “Spirit Guard Udyr | Login Screen – League of Legends

  1. You guys should make a Rework for udyr like that he can transform into a bear tiger and more and that there are 4 skills of transform and all of those transforms have 3 of their own skills

  2. This was my first login screen. Getting into my first game after playing the ashe tutorial. Thinking kayle was a badass character and assuming she's super strong even though i bought no items. Good times.

  3. Many years ago, the four nations lived in harmony, but everything changed when the Phoenix Nation attacked, only Udyr, master of the four elements could stop them, but when do world most needed him, he vanished

  4. The reason why people buy this skin
    Is because its a Payable Rework for Udyr

    I mean, his basic skin is ugly
    And this is Marvelous
    Thats why I bought him
    I dont wanna play on ugly champs


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